Nikon Z System

On Location with Z5 

For many years I have used Olympus gear.  And I am still a "Fanboy" of Olympus. I don't feel what camera I have in my hands makes that much difference in the results I create. But like all gear heads I wanted something new. And with technology changes I have decided to move from the FourThirds movement and go to Full Frame format.

So I took a ride up to my favorite retail photography store, Biggs Camera in Charlotte, NC. On my way there I was thinking Canon, maybe Sony and for comparison Nikon. It has been years since I used Nikon. The salesperson was great, and patient.  He showed me all brands, and when we were done comparing there was no doubt in my mind, the Nikon Z5 was the winner for me!

So I am now using professional Nikon Z series of full frame mirrorless digital cameras exclusively for my portrait and event work... I have multiple lenses for the variety of work that I do, multiple shoe flash units, and LED continous lights... I have honestly owned everything from Pentax, Canon, Nikon, and my long standing favorite Olympus. I started in photography when I was 10, decades before digital cameras. I bring that experience with me in today's digital world.

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On Location with Z5
Nikon Z5, FTZ with 50mm Nikon Z24-50 Nikon Z24-200 My five lenses
Nikon 85mm Nikon 50mm Tamron 17-35 Garage Studio Portraits
Nikon d7100 Garage Studio Nikon 55-200 Tamron 10-24

Each lens has a specific job in my photography...
24-50 Walkaround lens, 24-200 & 55-200 for modeling shootout events, 50 & 85 portraits,
17-35 & 10-24 realestate & landscapes...
Dave Miller Digital Portrait Photographer ~ Copyright 2022
January 2022