Model Portfolios

For those pursuing modeling...

General Information - The purpose for my personal projects are to allow me to test gear, try new locations or simply try posing concepts. I don't charge for these personal projects because I believe that a model may have something to offer my portfolio as well as I have something to offer the model's portfolio. I normally only work with models over 21 for my projects. On occasion, I will work with teens. Visit my galleries to see more my style of work.

Why don't I pay you for your time when posing for my projects?

I don't pay models because the work I do is strictly for my own passion. I don't sell these images, the images are only used for my own self promotion. If you pose for one of my projects, you can expect to recieve at least 10-20 edited images from the session for your own use.  Honestly, if it's a good session, I usually end up giving 30 or more images. These are images choosen by me, and will be formated for social media (such as Instagram or Facebook or Modelmayhem). They will be sized to 1080 pixels on the long side of the image. There certainly is money to be made in modeling, good money. And I will be happy to help those starting out - having good images, not smart phone images or duck lip selfies, make for a good starting portfolio.

Your cost for a modeling session...

If you come to me (garage studio) the session cost is $75. If you prefer to do a location session, the cost is $125. If you have several models that want to have headshots, the cost is $75 for the setup and $25 a "head". Printing is $25 per 8.5x11 sheet (1 image, or 2 images or 4 images per sheet)

Trade, TFP, TFCD, or FREE sessions

Today, model photography on smartphones along with Facebook, Instagram and the like has created an overwhelming phenomenon for model photography. Certainly a smart phone in the right hands can produce amazing images. But the reality is real photography done by an experienced photographer can make the difference in being seen! Years ago we called it TFP, (time for prints) or TFCD (time for CD).

I no longer do free (TFP) sessions. I now just list my photo sessions as "trade". I give you images for your time. I will email the images directly to you. I do these free sessions with models that I choose. If you pose for me for trade, you will receive edited images I feel are worthy of publishing (usually 10-20 images). When I do consider working with an individual on a trade situation, it will be dependant on the model and the concept of the photo session. All details will be discussed before the session so all involved are on the same page. I do have some basic requirements and comments regarding these sessions:

  • The model be at least 21
  • Provide photo id (driver's license)
  • Must be comfortable to show skin, not your "parts", but you have to be comfortable with yourself in front of me, possibly a makeup artist and the person that comes with you for the session
  • Have existing modeling images on the web, such as FaceBook or Instagram
  • Your sample photos should show full length and headshots and be current
  • If you would like to purchase all the unedited images from the session, a web-sized version is available for $150. Images will be 500x750, more than adequate for use on modeling profiles or social networks.
  • I am professional in my attitude and work. You be as well! Don't be late! Don't cancel last minute!  If you do, I will require a deposit for any future attempts to work together. 
  • Note for every hour I take photos of you, I will spend 2-3 hours editing!  Don't waste either of our time!  Be professional not only in appearance but in attitude.

Model's Release - I do not require a model's release for trade projects. Because I don't sell my images. My images are strictly used on my modeling websites or profiles on social media.

Usage of Images - General usage of the images for my projects are for display on my websites or on online modeling profiles such as FaceBook, Instagram or other online sites. And the copies I give the model, are for the model to use for their own self promotion.  The model is NOT authorized to sell the images.

Garage StudioLength of Sessions - Depending on the project and type of session the model can expect to spend 2-3 hours.

Location of Sessions - Most of my sessions are done in my garage. Sessions may be also done on location. 

Makeup - Makeup is the model's responsibilty and depending on the kinds of looks you want, bring makeup. Makeup will wear down during the session and we may want to try a couple of different looks... from casual to glamour... Whether you are young or older, wearing makeup for photography is different than regular every day makeup. If you are interested in having a Makeup Artist in attendance for your photo shoot that is no problem. MUA costs are covered by the model. And I can recommend several MUA's.

Physical - Don't stay up late the nite before the session, if you are tired it will show! Get a good nite's sleep. Generally it is good NOT to sun tan the nite before. Sun tanning can leave red bloches on your skin. Wear loose fitting clothing so there are no elastic marks showing.

Clothes - The model is responsible for clothing styles. We can always say no to a outfit, but we can't if you don't bring it. Bringing various tops is important for the head shots. If you are interested in swimwear images bring your own swimwear.

Timing - Typically a photo session will require 1.5 to 2 hours of your time in addition to traveling to the location... A headshot session is less, more like an hour… So plan your day accordingly...

Companions - If you are under 18, your Mom or Dad MUST be with you for the whole session. If you are older, you are encouraged to have a friend come with you for the session. Many models do work with me one on one, and it is a very safe environment. But if we have never met, I highly encourage you not to come alone. Safety is always important to me and so is your comfort level.

Images - All my work is done digitally. Usually you will receive your images via email within a week of the session. If you need something different we can discuss it at the actual photo session.

Let me capture you! If you have any questions, please contact me directly at