Dave Miller

I photograph women, mostly. That's what my photography is about, that is what my passion is about.  My photographic direction is all about respect and making a connection with the person in front of my camera... that's when I am enjoying my passion... creatng my art... and doing my photography! Some may call it a hobby, but it is more than that for me, it is truly my passion... even my obsession!

When you pose for me, you will get digital images that you will be able to use either on social media or for printing. I may add some of your images to my own social media as well.  I am easy to find on Facebook! I always post my most current work on Instagram.

The purpose of this site is to share my photographic style with others that would like to be part of my passion.  You deserve more than a selfie, whether for yourself or business. Show the world YOU!  If you are interested in posing for me, check out my projects - Personal Projects Click on the tiles below to learn more about what I do...

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Tomorrow is not promised, so live today in the moment.
Feel the breeze in your hair, the sun on your face and the blood in your veins.

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