Don't take my word for it... The Importance of a Business Headshot

We all see them, professional people using their iPhone picture from a party for their business social media! On Linkedin or Facebook or their company website. It's not professional and more so not inviting to potential clients! Let me help with getting you a professionally done portrait with out breaking your piggy bank! You will get a nice portrait to use online like Facebook or Instagram!

You will get 10-20 edited images for your use. The images you receive will be be sized for sharing on social media sites.  Your images will be "large" enough for quality prints such as 8x10. You will get your images via email within 24-36 hours of your session (sometimes faster).

These portrait sittings are usually taken inside, either my studio space in my home or your office. You can figure about an hour or so of actual shooting time and another hour for setup and take down of lights and backdrops (if I come to you). You will have enough time for one or two clothing changes if needed. The images you receive will be ready for use on FACEBOOK or other social media sites. These portraits are ideal for those needing public relations images such as Business Execs, Medical Personnel, Realtors, Actors, Artists, Dancers and Musicians - Anyone in business!

My sessions do not include prints. I can produce prints upto 13x19 inches in size for you. 

Yes, we can take your portrait right in your home or office! All we need is an area of about 10x10 feet.

If you come to me the session cost is $75.  If you prefer me to come to you the cost is $125.  If you have several staff members that you wish to have headshots of, the cost is $75 for the setup and $25 a "head" (minimum of 3 staff). Printing is $25 per 8.5x11 sheet (1 image, or 2 images or 4 images per sheet)

If you have questions please send me an email at or find me on Facebook.

I would be thrilled to work with you... Let's do this!!

Aside from providing headshots I can also assist with cataloging your fashion designs.  In a controlled session studio setting or capture your designs on the runway!

All services will include the photo session as well as basic editing of the images.  Images will be delivered in a JPG format sized 720x1080 @ 180dpi. This is smalll enough for social media but also large enought for printing 8x10 prints.

Contact me for a price quote with your needs/desires.  I will be happy to work with you within a budget that fits your project

Surprise and delight your customers. There is nothing like that in business.
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Dave Miller ~ Digital Portrait Photographer ~ Copyright 2021 ~ Updated August 2021