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Tired of "selfies" in the mirror? I would love to take your portrait or your children's or your family portrait! I have done portraits in studios and on location for years.

My photographic style is to have a "conversation" while I take your portrait.

Scheduling me for your portrait session is easy! Send me an email, and give me a couple of the times and dates you would like to have your portrait taken. I will check my schedule and then confirm with you. 

You will get your portraits emailed to you directly, and if you like I may add them to my websites. It's really that simple.

You may find me on Facebook! I post most of my current work on Instagram.

Dave Miller Photographer

About my photography
Some photographers find taking pictures of flowers or mountains or sunsets to be their passion. For me, taking pictures of people is my thrill!  I have worked with models, corporations, and with other photographers.

The purpose of this site is to share my photographic style with others that would like to record a moment in time... their wedding day, the birth of a newborn or simply themselves.  Images that are not from the perspective of a selfie!

What I do... click on the links below for the type of photography you are interested having taken of you...

Headshots Special Pricing!
Model Photography
Maternity Portraits
Weddings Weddings

About this website... About the gear I use...

If you came to this website to be in awe of my web design ablitities, you will be disappointed... If you care what kind of camera I use, you will be disappointed... The purpose of this site is to provide information for you to make a descision if I am the right photographer for your needs...

For those that must know... I now use Olympus mirrorless digital cameras most exclusively... I have multiple lenses for the variety of work that I do, multiple shoe flash units, multiple simple mono lights, and LED continous lights... I have honestly owned everything from Pentax, Canon, Nikon, and my long standing favorite Olympus. I started in photography when I was 10, decades before digital cameras. I bring that experience with me in today's digital world.

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I use Canon

Dave Miller
Digital Portrait Photographer ~ Copyright 2019 ~ Updated November 2019

"Photography is a love affair with life" - Burk Uzzle